Family Ministries Handbook (Spanish)

Family Ministries Handbook (Spanish)

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Are you the Family Ministries leader in your church? Or, are you interested in knowing how to integrate the life of the church with the life of its families?

The Family Ministries Handbook outlines the theoretical and philosophical frameworks for an effective ministry. You will find advice on committees and planning, sample survey forms, and a helpful Family Profile for your local church. But this how-to guide moves quickly into practical suggestions on how Family Ministries can become an integral part of church life.

Filled with teaching resources and program outlines, you will find monthly program ideas, ideas for reaching families in transition, and suggestions on how to help families in crisis.

Do you want to provide seminars for church and community members? You will find programs that range from marriage to divorce, parenting to empty nest couples, all listed in the chapter on seminars! Also included are important chapters on protecting children from abusive situations and church policies relating to Family Ministries.

Whether you have been involved in Family Ministries for years or are a first-time leader, this practical book will guide you in your role as official family advocate.

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