Solo Mom | French Book

Solo Mom | French Book

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Perhaps you are a solo mom by choice, by an unexpected pregnancy, through divorce, through the death of your child’s dad, an absentee father, abandonment, or a myriad of other circumstances. Solo moms are mothers on their own, whether by choice or circumstance. Above all, every solo mom wants to be the best mother she can be, despite the challenges of parenting on her own.

In this book you will find chapters on:

  • A Juggling Act
  • Dealing with the Other Parent
  • Making Jesus Your Child’s Best Friend
  • Discipline
  • Making Memories
  • And more!

You will fulfill many roles in your lifetime, but none will ever be more important than being a mom. It is a sacred and holy responsibility. Never underestimate the influence that one praying mom can have on her child.

Jesus chose you to parent your child. Know that He has promised to walk this parenting journey with you. You are loved, cherished, and you are not alone. Go forward with God!

Paperback. Copyright 2022.

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