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As Christians we are hardwired to believe that God has a purpose for our lives. A right road to travel, a well-defined career track, and a perfect-for-us companion with whom to share the journey.

But when it comes to making those all-important decisions have you ever just longed for God to send a burning bush or an angel with a flaming sword to point out the right direction?

The good news is that God not only invites us to call on Him—but He calls us—and His calling is for us to become His disciples.

Calling is for anyone seeking to know, and do, the will of God. It is for those who find themselves in a season when fleshing out God’s plan is especially relevant. Between the covers of this book are 52 lessons that will inspire and instruct you how to embrace God’s calling in your life. Are you ready to receive His life-changing call?

Copyright 2017. Pacific Press Publishing Association. 122 pages.

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