Seattle to the Sand

Seattle to the Sand

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In this devotional book, Lieutenant Colonel Dan Bray, a U.S. Army chaplain, shares thoughts based on his experiences during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Bray chronicles his journey from Seattle to Kuwait where he was deployed for one year with the goal of providing a listening ear to the soldiers in his care.

Each devotional begins with a Bible verse that touches on a variety of subjects including:

  • Comfort
  • Doubt
  • Friendship
  • Insecurity
  • Prayer
  • Trust

Bray shares the struggles and joys, the victories and sacrifices from his time in the Middle East. Speaking honestly about the daily challenges of his work and life away from his family, Bray demonstrates the power that comes from entrusting your life to God. This book will help you gain a small glimpse of the God we serve, and how He is able to fill your life with meaning and purpose.

Paperback. 364 pages. Copyright 2011.

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