Pray Together: Planning for Prayer and Small Group Conferences

Pray Together: Planning for Prayer and Small Group Conferences

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Are you planning a prayer conference, small group conference, or a training event for church leaders? If you are, this booklet will decrease your stress, increase your effectiveness, and expand your knowledge of what it takes to run a successful event.

Pray Together shares invaluable information for planners:

  • Suggested format
  • Budgetary decisions
  • Guidelines to meet expectations of attendees
  • Organizational outlines
  • Job descriptions
  • Communication with attendees
  • Housing arrangements and much more

Want to know what should be included in a registration packet? It's all there! You will also find forms you can photocopy or use as a template to design your own material.

This book was compiled by Ruthie Jacobson using her own experience mixed with resources provided by prayer conference leaders she worked with to plan successful events. Use this guidebook to make your next conference an organizational success and trust that the Lord will provide a spiritual blessing to all who attend. Booklet. Copyright 1996, 2001. 37 pages.

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