Prayer Warriors

Prayer Warriors

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On a New England mountainside, flames shoot up into the sky as a mangled plane disappears from view. Toby sinks to her knees in the snow. "No!" she screams hysterically.

Noble glances at the two angels, and they nod in silent agreement. The decision is made--the judgment is fair. Both David and Toby O'Connell will have their chance to be drawn closer to God . . . if they so choose.

Billie Jo Raynard stares into the closed eyes of her husband. "Wake up, Jimmy. I need you--the kids need you. Please come back to us. I can't go on much longer like this."

Two unseen beings occupy the room with Billie Jo. Each watches with interest. One lays an encouraging hand on Billie Jo's shoulder.

"Aw, leave her alone, why don't you," the other spits out. "She'll be mine in the end."

The angel turns slightly and speaks, making the demon squint and shuffle. "No soul is a waste of time--even you should know that."

The moment Cindi steps into Ethel Bennington's bedroom, she knows her friend and patient is in real pain.

The group of angels surrounding Ethel's bed part to make room for Cindi. Several have their arms wrapped around Ethel, while another holds the old woman's hand. Unseen, Reissa approaches Cindi, laying an urgent hand on her shoulder. "Quickly. She suffers much."

Prayer Warriors will open your eyes to the struggles going on in the lives of seemingly ordinary people dealing with painful realities. But more than that, it will raise the curtain on the struggle behind the scenes, where angels and demons fight for the eternal destiny of each human. In every case, angels stand ready to protect the children of God.

But it is not the might of God's angels that turns the tide against the plans of the demons. That power comes when the hands of a warrior are folded in prayer.

Paperback. Copyright 1998. 320 pages.

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