Beginnings & Endings

Beginnings & Endings

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Beginnings and Endings features calls to worship, invocations, prayers, and benedictions for different occasions. Some invocations invite all platform participants to join. Others invite youth and children to participate. Special readings provide a non-threatening way for shy children or adults to join in the worship experience without feeling as though they are the focal point.

This book contains 22 readings, including:

  • “The Gathering” Call to Worship for Communion
  • “Going Home” Responsive Reading
  • Christmas Invocation
  • “Author of Inspiration” Benediction
  • And more!

These readings can be adapted for use in your local congregation. This collection is intended to use as a starting place for your own creativity. You can also adapt readings to fit holidays and special occasions.

Paperback. Copyright 2010. 28 pages.

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