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Wired for Ministry

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As if ministry wasn't challenging enough, today clergy must also negotiate the bewildering maze of "the digital age." Naturally, questions arise: Does technology enhance or undermine genuine Christian community? What technologies are right for our church, and how do we get started? What if the congregation resists technology-driven changes?

Wired for Ministry offers practical strategies for integrating technology and ministry while keeping a watchful eye on potential technological pitfalls. Throughout, Jewell emphasizes not only the technologies themselves but also the process of adapting them: evaluating the dangers, knowing the technologies, and developing a plan of implementation. Bearing in mind that technology can become intrusive, "messianic," or too slick, he discusses specific ways that websites, chat rooms, digital video, and music can enhance youth groups, worship services, educational ministries, and evangelism.

Wired for Ministry includes resource references and useful websites and information. The author's combined experience as pastor, parish ministries teacher, and computer systems analyst uniquely qualifies him to write such a cross-disciplinary book.

Pastors, Christian educators, youth workers, and congregational leaders will rely on this lucid guide. Jewell's wise introduction to the process of bringing technology into ministry will be indispensable for Christian leaders and "lay-techies" everywhere.

Paperback. 189 pages. Copyright 2004.

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