Talking With My Friend

Talking With My Friend

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What do you talk about with your closest friends? Everything. Past … Present … Future … Bad … Sad … Glad.

This versatile “journal of pleas and thanks” is a thoughtful reminder that you can talk personally with God like you would with a friend. He’s the best listener – any time of day or night.

Look into your heart. Reflect on the big and little things you’re grateful God has provided. Send a message to God about the situations you (or people around you) can’t handle alone.

Do you have only minutes of quiet writing time? With seven daily lines documenting prayer petitions and expressing gratitude, the journal can cover a full year. Because its undated pages are lightly lined, entries can be longer if you wish and you can start at any point.

Two dozen new free verse prayer poems and original artwork add an extra touch of inspiration and beauty to your prayer conversations.

Copyright 2021. 196 pages.

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