Award Requirements & Activities (Set of 5)

Award Requirements & Activities (Set of 5)

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This set of 5 books includes hands-on activities for every Adventurer award through 2020. Each award starts with a list of all the requirements, followed by a brief "helps" idea for each. Next, you'll find 3-5 activities where kids will run, sing, draw, and play games while completing the requirements for the award.

These books provide a great way to involve parents in your club. Just give them a copy of the activity you would like them to be responsible for during your next club meeting. Or, if you are meeting virtually, share the activities with parents so they can complete them with their kids at home.

If you have older kids completing the awards, be sure to make age-appropriate changes to the activities so they can be challenged to learn and not feel bored with “little kid” stuff.

The awards are divided into the four areas of focus in the curriculum:

  • My God
  • My Self
  • My Family
  • My World

As you select the extra awards that your club does each year, make sure that you have a good variety from each area. Remember when you are working on these awards that the intent is for the children and their parents/guardians have an enjoyable and positive experience. They are Adventurers – have fun working through these awards!

This set includes helps for Busy Bee, Sunbeam, Builder, Helping Hand, and Multi-level.

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