Spotted Boy and the Comanches

Spotted Boy and the Comanches

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Brown County, Texas, in the faraway days was a good place to live, in spite of the danger--and no one dwelt too much on that, except during the summer when the Comanches were active.

Thad Conway loved his life in Texas--until one day when he was snatched away by the Comanches and his much-loved pony was given to another boy, a Comanche. Thad was carried off a prisoner. From that day on, his life changed dramatically.

Here is the story of his life with the Comanches. Did Thad influence the tribe to learn about the true God? Did he ever return to his own people? You'll find out as you read Spotted Boy and the Comanches.

Paperback. 155 pages. Copyright 1963, 2014. 

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