Adventurer Club Instructor Certification Presenter's Guide

Adventurer Club Instructor Certification Presenter's Guide

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This presenter's guide includes helps for each of the eight workshops required for certification:

  • Understanding Learning Styles—EDUC 003 
  • Understanding Teaching Styles—EDUC 002
  • Working with Children with Special Needs—EDUC 003 
  • Building Self-Esteem and Confidence—EDUC 007
  • Teaching the Adventurer Curriculum through Active Learning—EDUC 105
  • Teaching Stars, Chips and Awards—EDUC 130
  • Implementing Positive Discipline—PSYO 123
  • Teaching Christian Values—EDUC 150

Each of the workshops includes a description of the content, the audience or participants that you can anticipate will attend, resource material, what your participants will learn, basic content for the workshop, and suggested activities.

Adventurer Club Director Certification is part of Adventist Youth Ministries Training (AYMT) which includes certifications for Adventurer Club Ministries, Pathfinder Club Ministries, Master Guides, and Youth Ministries.

Paperback. Copyright 2020. 16 pages.

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