Welcome to the exciting world of Adventurer Club leadership! Every year volunteers like you help thousands of pre-kindergarten through fourth grade children experience Jesus’ love while exploring their world through fun, age-appropriate activities.

Whether you’re an old pro or just starting out as an Adventurer Club director, this guide will help you organize and manage your Adventurer Club. Throughout this book, you’ll find information about Adventurer-age children, organizing your year, safety tips, and much more.

Read this director’s guide to learn about:

  • Starting and running an Adventurer Club
  • Getting to know your Adventurers
  • Discipline
  • Including Adventurers with disabilities
  • Abuse prevention
  • Uniform requirements
  • Involving parents
  • Induction and Investiture programs
  • Planning meetings and activities

This guide also includes a suggested calendar, Investiture requirements for all levels, sample registration forms, and much more.

Spiral bound. Copyright 2016.

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