The Treasure Box!--CD

The Treasure Box!--CD

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If you are like most children’s ministry leaders, Sabbath or Sunday school teachers or children’s pastors, you may feel that your budget has been plundered by a one-eyed pirate! When your financial resources have mutinied against your ideas, how will you fund all the dynamic programming you envision for the children in your church or school? Tiny Tunes Ministries offers you a way to put the FUN back in fundraising: The Treasure Box!

The Treasure Box is a family worship kit that encourages parents to spend quality time with their children. Using common household the simple, effective object lessons found inside will make the truth of God’s love tangible to a young child. Everything kids need to complete each Treasure can be found with a little help from mom or dad.

Also included is a CD of high-energy songs sure to keep kids on their feet! Soundtracks are provided.

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