Footprints for Parents & Mentors is a unique 12-lesson small group Bible study course designed for adults who want to mentor the children in their lives. It guides parents and mentors into a deeper personal relationship with Jesus Christ and equips them to spiritually nurture children.

This course includes step-by-step instructions, outlines, worksheets, activities, discussion topics, a resource CD, and more. Footprints for Parents & Mentors is ideal for use in Sabbath school classes or small groups.

Lessons in this course include:

  • Lesson 1: Come to Jesus – Matthew
  • Lesson 2: You Can Know – Woman of Grace
  • Lesson 3: Invite Jesus to Shape Your Life – Peter
  • Lesson 4: Establish Biblical Priorities – Solomon
  • Lesson 5: Love Others – David & Mephibosheth
  • Lesson 6: Allow Godly Friends to Help You Grow – Daniel
  • Lesson 7: Bring Others to Jesus – Andrew
  • Lesson 8: Lead Your Family in Worship – Abraham
  • Lesson 9: Teach Your Child to Love God’s Word – Lois & Eunice
  • Lesson 10: Mentor Your Child to God – Moses & Joshua
  • Lesson 11: Equip Your Child to Stand for Jesus – Mordecai & Esther
  • Lesson 12: The Discipleship Adventure – Jesus

Parents, grandparents, Sabbath school teachers, and anyone who has the opportunity to mentor young people should attend this seminar to become better, more informed role models for our future leaders.

Updated 2009

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