Jesus Then and Now - Explore with Jesus PDF Download

Jesus Then and Now - Explore with Jesus PDF Download

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Explore with Jesus is an activity-based program for kindergarten, primarily designed for use with a six-day, three programs per day format such as campmeeting. Each program is approximately 90 minutes in length. Suggestions are included for adapting the material to programs of other lengths.

The daily program guide identifies the key concept for the day, suggesting what the children will learn, feel, and do. Daily supplies, equipment, and special preparations are also listed.

The morning program uses a Bible story to emphasize the key concept. This key concept will also be related to the children’s lives through a variety of learning center activities and a puppet play.

The afternoon program features activities that again relate the key concept for the day to the children’s lives. In addition, a variety of fun activities and songs are provided that relate to the key concept for the day.

For the evening program, learning centers will continue to emphasize the day’s theme. Evening praise and prayer will further emphasize the key concept. Nature activities will also be incorporated in the evening time, providing an easy, quiet evening for young children.

120 pages. Copyright 1995.

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