Ministering to Families - Track 6 Check-off Card (Spanish)

Ministering to Families - Track 6 Check-off Card (Spanish)

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Ministering to Parents - Certification Check-off Card Track 6

Ministering to Parents is part of the NAD Children's Ministries Certification program. 

Ministering to Parents helps parents and guardians understand that they play THE most important role in training up the child in the way she/he should go. This track also shares information and tips on how to manage pressing issues that children may face in this day and age.

 The workshops on this itinerary include:

  • Fostering Family Unity
  • Developing Christan Values in Chrildren
  • Making Family Worships Easy and Fun*
  • Involving Children in Mission & Service
  • Parenting & the Media Challenge*
  • Teaching Sexuality to children
  • Nurtiring Kids Alone Time with Jesus
  • Helping Kids Cope with Bullying
  • Mental Health Awareness*
  • Developing an Effective Family Ministry*

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The requirements and check-off card for completion of the Advanced Children's Ministries certification for local church Parents and Guardians.

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