Teaching with Heart

Teaching with Heart

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Cherishing and challenging children...what does that mean?

How do teachers balance the biblical education of children with a heartfelt, relational faith?

How do teachers begin to learn methods and materials as well as to understand the personalities of the people to whom they minister?

Teaching with Heart helps answer these questions. This valuable guide helps teachers develop the spiritual understanding to cherish the unique personalities and learning styles of each child, while challenging them to grow up to be like Christ. This handbook also familiarizes teachers in the Christian classroom with the vast array of information available on educational theory while providing this information in a practical, useful, and reproducible form.

Special features include reproducible handouts for teacher training, charts and review pages for remembering key points, and chapter questions adaptable for small group discussion.

Teaching with Heart is an excellent resource for teachers, helpers, and other children's ministry personnel who want to help shape kids' hearts with God's Word.

Paperback. 223 pages. Copyright 2005.

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