Interactive Family Worship Ideas for Kids

Interactive Family Worship Ideas for Kids

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Has it been awhile since you actually surprised your kids at family worship time?

Do you laugh together?

Do you sense God’s joyful presence?

Get ready to wake up your old traditions. If you want to spend less time planning and more time worshiping you’ll love this book of family-tested fun.

Have a rope and some clothespins? That’s all you need to get moving with a brand-new style of Bible baseball.

Need more ideas? Stretch your brain with a three-second Bible quiz. Turn backyard nature items into a creative Scripture night memory game.

Throw out fresh conversation starters that lead you closer to your family and your God.

Some of these worship ideas take just a few minutes. Others could involve bathrobes, dish towel turbans, and a half hour of hilarious role-playing. You’ll find activities perfect for Friday family reunions or Sabbath schools. Interactive Family Worship Ideas for Kids will turn worship into everyone’s favorite part of the day.

Paperback. Copyright 2015. 112 pages.

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