Revelation: Hope, Meaning, Purpose Presenter's Guide & Resources on USB

Revelation: Hope, Meaning, Purpose Presenter's Guide & Resources on USB

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This set of presenter resources is an integral part of the Revelation—Hope, Meaning, Purpose package. It contains much of the material that will be used when the series is run as a seminar.

Resources include:

  • Long and short promo videos
  • Handbook that explains the purpose and use of the resources in the package
  • Advertising resources that can be used as templates for local advertising
  • Presentation notes that guide the presenter through each topic
  • Extra notes that provide additional information on each topic
  • PowerPoint presentations that illustrate and add interest to the seminar presentations
  • Research guides that help participants prepare for the next session
  • Presenter’s research guides that make suggestions on how to process participants’ homework
  • Special interest topics that relate to the seminar topics and broaden understanding
  • Feedback sheets that participants fill in to share their reflections for each topic
  • And more!

Many of these resources can be adapted to the presenter’s presentation style, modified for local use, and printed by the presenter on a home printer.

Copyright 2011. Includes USB and one booklet.

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