Soria and Canales - Glimpses of Hope (Spanish)

Soria and Canales - Glimpses of Hope (Spanish)

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Glimpses of Hope with Pastor Ernest Castillo and Sandra Juárez

Pastor Jorge Soria - The discomfort of Life

Work to find your happiness and your life will be a blessing. Being mature is not always doing what we like to do. When we experience inconveniences and hardships, it helps us to grow. Pastor Jorge Soria teaches us how to achieve that level of happiness, not only at work, but with family and friends.

Pastor Ramon Canals - God's Big Plan

Throughout history, man has shown great capacity to adapt to changes in life. God has predestined us to be successful men and women. The challenges can be very great, however, despite the difficulties, nothing is impossible for God if we put our future in His hands. Pastor Ramón Canals gives us practical advice to help us face and overcome the problems and it various challenges at this life presents along the way.

Video in Spanish with English subtitles.

Length: 103: 00

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