Deep Calling Curriculum

Deep Calling Curriculum

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Deep Calling: On Being and Growing Disciples is a wholistic discipleship movement. Discipleship and disciple-making that emphasizes a life-long process, not a destination. It’s about making space for God in the every day, bearing witness to transformation in the ordinary. It’s about knowing truth and experiencing Truth. It’s about learning to listen to the voice of God in your own, precious life. It’s about satisfying your longing with the only One who can satisfy your soul. All are invited. All are welcome to answer the deep call of God.

The curriculum will guide you and your small group as you discover and put into practice the eight calls of God.

Curriculum includes:

  • Teacher’s notes to equip you to facilitate 2 retreats and 10 sessions
  • Hands-on experiences for use during group sessions
  • Visuals and stories to bring the discipleship experience to life

146 pages Copyright 2020

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