CALLED - Four Stories of Women in Pastoral Ministry DVD/USB

CALLED - Four Stories of Women in Pastoral Ministry DVD/USB

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For years the Seventh-day Adventist Church has voted support of women serving as pastors. Currently female pastors minister to more than 100 Adventist faith communities in North America. Each congregation and pastor experience a unique journey of faith. This video shares four of these stories. You will see how trust, prayer, forgiveness, and time are essential in helping faith communities grow.

Once you have seen Called, you may want to discuss the topic of women in pastoral ministry together in small groups or as a congregation. Here are three questions to start your conversation:

  • 1) What is your response to the stories in this video? Which of the stories and voices most resonated with your story, your questions, and your voice?
  • 2) If my congregation had a woman pastor I would…
  • 3) What can our congregation do to support women who are called to pastoral ministry?

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