Devotionals from the Pathfinder Pledge and Law (Spanish)

Devotionals from the Pathfinder Pledge and Law (Spanish)

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Devotionals for the Pathfinder Pledge and Law uses stories to illustrate how Pathfinders can apply the principles of the Pledge and Law to everyday life.

From stories of the kindness of the cape buffalo to the intricacies of feathers, this book teaches valuable lessons about what it means to be a Pathfinder. Each devotional includes suggestions for visual aids.

Whether you are a member of a Pathfinder club, a club leader, or a parent, this book will help you bring the Pathfinder Pledge and Law to life.

Devotionals include:

  • Pure Water
  • Cape Buffalos
  • Ants Doing What Ants Do
  • Feathers and Their Owners
  • A Simple Tiny Cell
  • Eyes
  • Chokwane the Magnificent
  • About Finfoots
  • A Big, Very Big Snake
  • Something We Can’t See or Touch
  • Rocks

47 pages. Copyright 2008. Paperback.

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