Go Ye Board Game

Go Ye Board Game

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"Go Ye!" is a new Adventist board game that combines strategy with Adventist history and pioneering nostalgia. Bring the whole family together for fun and learning with "Go Ye!"

In light of the Great Commission and the special revelation of the nearness of Christ’s soon return, you and your friends have accepted the call to spread the Good News to all the earth. Gameplay involves spreading the gospel across a world map of 58 conferences and 10 divisions, and collecting Total Member Involvement points by investing resources in mission trips, spiritual gifts, churches and offices. You will each have to decide how best to use the tools God has given you to gain the most Total Member Involvement possible before the second coming. Living an intentional and committed Christian life will equip you with the resources required to increase in effectiveness and influence to fulfill the Great Commission. Once every conference has a church, the second coming ends the game and the player with the most Total Member Involvement wins. 

Visit the "Go Ye!" website for more instructions.

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