4A.1 Grades 7-8 Year A - Teachers Kit - Three Angels Curriculum

4A.1 Grades 7-8 Year A - Teachers Kit - Three Angels Curriculum

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Teacher’s Guide. 80-page, spiral bound, color manual with North American Division standards. Interactive lessons share the incredible love of God with students as demonstrated in the three angels’ messages. The contrast between the harsh regimes of world leaders and God’s kingdom of righteous, peace, and joy is empha­sized through the backdrop of history and scripture. As students read and respond to relevant life issues, they draw closer to Jesus; embrace His mercy, love and grace; commit fully to follow all of His commandments; and develop an urgency to share the messages of Revelation 14 with their world.

Contains ten lesson plans covering two to four weeks of instruction for an integrated block of whole group instruction in Bible, language arts, and history; project-based learning unit extension; rubrics for illustrated history and project-based learning assignments. Whole brain learning includes interactive notebooks; cooperative and independent activities; connection, reflection, instruction, and application. Coordinates with United States History, Hitler and the Holocaust, Mussolini, Stalin, Osama Bid Laden, modern-day oppression and genocide; and World History, fall of Rome, Inquisition, Holy Roman Empire, zealots and the Protestant Reformation.

My Three Angels Reflections Journal. 59-page journal in sage green with original graphics and text on every page. Set up as an interactive notebook with content on left pages and student response opportunities on right pages. Contains directions, rubrics, and sample projects for illustrated history and project-based learning assignments.

Flash Drive. Contains complete teacher’s guide and ten slide presentations in Keynote and PowerPoint format including audio and video clips for instruction.

Flyer. Gives an overview of the Three Angels Curriculum.

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