Birth of the Messiah

Birth of the Messiah

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For long centuries, the world waited for the Promised One, for the Messiah.

Have you been waiting for Him too?

Jesus, the world's Messiah, loves you - yes, you - no matter who you are. He knows your life, your joys, and your sorrows. The story of His life will show you just how much He loves you and the price He was willing to pay so you could live with Him forever.

For more than two thousand years, people just like you have felt the power of the story of Jesus. When you see who He is, you will begin to see the Kind of life He wants for you. Find out for yourself why this story has touched so many for so long. See and feel the power of His love, His life, and His promise to you.

This book is used as part of the 5th grade Encounter curriculum.

Paperback. Copyright 2003. 32 pages.

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