Sex 180: The Next Revolution

Sex 180: The Next Revolution

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Sex is everywhere...

On TV. In movies. On the web. In magazines. In high school and even in some youth groups. 

Yet even with all of this exposure, a big part of the sex story is not being told–a whole dimension that goes way beyond traditional answers. If you're fed up with our sex-saturated culture and are tired of being told to "just wait until you're married," then check our biblical understanding of sexuality. It's 180 degrees from what we see and hear every day. Its sex180, and it's the start of a sexual revolution.

Dive in and hang on, because this book will turn everything you know about sex upside down. Turn the pages, join in the revolt against our culture's view of sex, and grab on to what God really says about it all. You'll relate to the opposite sex in a whole new way, and you'll never be the same again. Maybe your world won't be either.

This book is used with 12th grade Encounter curriculum.

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