Jesus' Dream Team

Jesus' Dream Team

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Teamwork is a concept that has existed since ancient times. Jesus provided the best example for establishing an organized urban evangelistic model that shared a relevant yet unpopular message in extremely hostile conditions. Despite facing opposition to the gospel message, Jesus demonstrated the power of teamwork. His strategy for choosing, instructing, and training disciples was based on the Old Testament Scriptures and principles. In this book, Dr. Andres Peralta teaches us how to work towards fulfilling the Great Commission with the help of youth and young adult teams.

The chapters include:

  • Jesus’ Strategy
  • The Reach of the Great Commission
  • Urban Evangelism According to Ellen White
  • The Importance of the Cities
  • Christ’s Method Today
  • Teamwork and Youth Ministry
  • Forming a Team
  • Let’s Get to Work

About the Author: Dr. Andrés Peralta is a passionate leader who motivates and empowers children, youth, and young adults to grow in Christ. The leadership positions he has held include Director of Campus Ministries, and Youth Director at Conference and Union levels. He currently serves as the World Pathfinder Director for the General Conference of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church. Dr. Peralta is the author of Change the World and co-author of Loving Father, a small group Bible study for young adults. He is married to his best friend, confidant, and partner in ministry, Martha. They are blessed with two daughters, Melany, and Amy.

Paperback. Copyright 2024. 129 pages.

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