Serious About Love: Straight Talk to Single Adults

Serious About Love: Straight Talk to Single Adults

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If you’ve ever fallen in love, you can probably recall a time when you hoped a relationship would be a last commitment – but it never quite turned out that way.

Or perhaps you are seriously dating and you’re not exactly sure what your next step should be. Is there really a way to know if someone is right for you? In the pages of this book, you’ll learn how to evaluate our present – or future – relationships. And you’ll find plenty of down-to-earth guidance for dating and love, including:

  • What to look for – and watch out for – in a potential date
  • How to understand the difference between romantic illusion and true love
  • How to break up and remain friends
  • What physical involvement means to a relationship
  • Topics to discuss before considering marriage

Whether you’re dating someone or just looking forward to meeting “the right one,” this book will help you understand the serious side of love.

Paperback. 224 pages. Copyright 2009.

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