The Complex Religion of Teens

The Complex Religion of Teens

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Sometimes adults are frustrated with teenagers because they behave like…well, teenagers. We forget that they are not adults; nor are they children. Stuck in a tricky, unfamiliar place between childhood and adulthood, they are struggling to define their identity, values, and religion.

It may sound surprising, but nearly all Christian teenagers hold spiritual values that are important to them. To the casual onlooker it might appear that teens never have a serious thought. But when we get close to these teens, we catch glimpses of their search for religion and values.

For more than 50 years Roger Dudley has devoted his ministry and research to understanding the spiritual experience of teens. Now in this book he shares a lifetime of findings—a must-read for all parents, pastors, and teachers righting to save teens for Christ. With insight and encouragement Dudley reveals what you need to know to understand the spirituality of teens, encourage spiritual vibrancy, and help teens establish a biblical value system.

Paperback. 128 pages. Copyright 2007.

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