Real Me Leader's Guide with USB

Real Me Leader's Guide with USB

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Real Me is a workshop geared toward helping teenage girls discover that God created them as a unique person, unlike anyone else on earth, and He loves them very much.

This leader’s guide includes step-by-step instructions, a complete leader’s script, PowerPoint presentation and sample participant’s journal on USB, sample schedules, activities, ideas for giveaways, and more.

This leader’s guide makes hosting Real Me doable for novice and expert leaders alike. Real Me is ideal as a one-day or weekend seminar for a school or youth group, or as a mother-daughter event.

Presentations in this workshop include:

  • Why do I Really Act This Way?
  • What Am I Really Good At?
  • Why Do I Really Think This Way?
  • What Do People Really Think About Me?
  • What Does God Really Think About Me?

By hosting a Real Me workshop, you can help teens discover more about themselves, why they act and think they way they do, and why God created them. Teens will learn that God designed everyone with strengths and talents, and longs for them to appreciate themselves as His creation.

NOTE: The I-Sight DiSC Profile is suggested for each teen participating in this workshop. This assessment is sold separately. Click here for more information.

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