The Volunteer's Back Pocket Guide

The Volunteer's Back Pocket Guide

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Bravely, you agreed to be a chaperone on the trip. Boldly, you sacrificed this weekend for a student retreat. Blindly, you said "yes" before asking for all the details. 

How will you survive?

Youth events and retreats don't have to be painful, traumatic, stressful experiences. The Volunteer's Back Pocket Guide to Events and Retreats will show you how to transform from a cautiously committed adult into a fervently focused volunteer who helps teeangers gain the most from these special events.

You'll discover how to prepare yourself for all kinds of youth-oriented activities: summer camp, winter retreats, back-to-school celebrations, holiday banquets and parties, and every other creative event your youth pastor has added to this year's calender.

Teenagers want to have fun, and as you become a passionately prepared volunteer, you'll help your youth ministry create inviting and irresistible settings where students will be both entertained and engaged, and where you'll be able to significantly invest in their lives.

Copyright 2011. 58 pages.

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