Stewardship Ministry Description

The systematic sharing of stewardship principles is the most important phase of the stewardship leader’s responsibilities.

Help with Church Finances

Help for churches with meeting their budget.

Stewardship Foundation

The main objective of stewardship is for members to understand and commit to the biblical concepts of stewardship. This requires education and is part...

Adventist Giving

Adventist Giving is an internet donation service offered by the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists. To participate, go to your local...

51 Ways PlusLine Can Help You & Your Church

PlusLine is a clearing house for ministry ideas and information. Hundreds of church members, pastors and church workers have accessed this free...

Haggai and Friends

Stewardship is everything you do after you say "I believe."

Apple Core Offering Appeal

You can use simple dramatic vignettes to powerfully illustrate stewardship principles. Here's one that's easy to use.

25 Ways to Improve Giving

Stewardship leaders are often looking for ways to reach the large percent of church members who feel no real obligation to support the local church...

Consumer Jungle

You know it has been said that you really don't know your own culture and nation until you get acquainted with other people and climes. A person...

Cadillacs or Cavaliers

Is Stewardship only about material prosperity? Does God really want everyone to drive a Cadillac?

Stewardship: A Broader Picture

Too often congregations think of stewardship as just taking up an offering or pleading for more finances for the church’s ministries. We need to...

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