Mission Driven Ministry

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    Eddie Polite with Furman Fordham, II

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Mission is the heartbeat of the church, while ministry is its lifeblood. Without mission, the church would wither away. This book is your complete toolkit for mobilizing every member for ministry in the church’s ultimate mission of saving souls.

Mission-Driven Ministry outlines the process of connecting all of your church’s activities to a central mission. By ensuring that all of your church’s energies and resources are purposely focused, you can mold your church into a center for evangelism.

Eddie C. Polite and Furman F. Fordham II present a model to transform your church from a traditional to a mission-driven ministry through seven steps. They examine some of the customary practices that hold the church back from growing to its potential, and they offer solutions to fill the void caused by the infrastructural dilemma of many churches.

Whether you are a pastor, elder, or lay leader in your congregation, this book will challenge you to think outside the box, embrace change as a friend, and capitalize upon the unique opportunities presented by innovation.

Paperback. 104 pages. Copyright 2007.

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