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    A. Allan Martin, Shayna Bailey & Lynell LaMountain

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  • Dissatisfied with living a superficial life?
  • Wanting to do more than go through the motions? Want to look beneath the surface?
  • Hungry for more of GOD? Not just knowing about GOD, that’s not enough.

Then you suffer from sacred discontent. You’re not along – we too grace something deep, and real, and beyond what we can provide for ourselves. So we’re taking a risk…recklessly seeking an encounter with GOD.

GODencounters is a movement of young adults wholeheartedly pursuing a 24/7 experience with Jesus Christ. These pages form a tapestry of our lives so far, where we have found GOD and where we’ve been found by GOD. Each thread unique, frayed, and honest. We dare you to weave your journey in with ours, as we go after a GOD that has come after us.

The voices are diverse, eclectic, and may at times sound disjointed, but they echo the heart of a GOD who is very present. We invite you into the fray.

Young adult ministry, Ignition

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