Reach Your Campus Reach the World

Reach Your Campus Reach the World

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An estimated 70% of Seventh-day Adventist college and university students attend non-church sponsored schools. Many of these students are not finding a spiritual community they can connect with, creating a tremendous need for public campus ministry.

How can the Seventh-day Adventist Church intentionally foster biblical community on public college and university campuses? How can we reach both Adventist and non-Adventist students? How should we conduct evangelism to fit a changing world? These and many other questions were addressed at the 2009 180º Symposium held on the campus of Andrews University.

Papers presented at the 180º Symposium covered three major themes:

  • Campus Ministry Models
  • Campus Ministry Networking
  • Campus Ministry Resources

Among the 23 papers included in Reach Your Campus Reach the World, you will find powerful ministry ideas presented by Steve Case, Kirk King, Ron Pickell, Alex Espana, Martin Weber, and many others. Topics covered include rethinking evangelism, campus-based youth ministry, social networking and the faith community, and supporting our youth.

Young people are searching for meaning. With the confusing messages bombarding them daily, they need to hear the truth. Is your congregation ready to reach out to public campuses?

Paperback. 126 pages. Copyright 2010.

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