The Word on Campus Book - 2nd Edition

The Word on Campus Book - 2nd Edition

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Campus ministry has been referred to as the most strategic mission field today. There are over 22 million students on some 15,000 degree granting institutions of higher education in North America alone. With a 14 percent expected growth rate by the year 2022, three million more will be added to the mission potential.

Jesus, the Living Word of God, is active on these campuses. His presence is seen most fully in the personal lives of students who have embraced his offer of life and in the communities of faith that they are building. The good news is that there are an estimated 100,000 Seventh-day Adventist students on these campuses whom God can use to reach other students for Christ.

This is a book about how those students can form communities on campus to reach out. The first section provides ten essential principles that will help create sustainable campus ministries. The second section provides a practical step-by-step guide to launching and programming, and includes important information about how best to engage students and faculty. Our hope and prayer is for Christ, the Living Word of God, to become flesh on campus as students and church leaders respond to his call!

Paperback. 174 pages. Updated in 2015.

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