Everything Under the SON - Participant's Guide

Everything Under the SON - Participant's Guide

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The Critic (Qoheleth) concludes that life under the sun is a vapor—a hopeless chasing after the wind. But what if Solomon had met Jesus and learned about the Gospel? What if he had been given a glimpse into God’s vision and purpose for the human family in the mission and ministry of Christ? How would life have appeared to him if he could have captured a view of life in the SON instead of the nar­row, limited perspective of life under the SUN?

There have been many, many Bible study guides written for the book of Ecclesiastes, but this one is inviting us to re­think it from the perspective of life in the SON in place of life under the SUN as Solomon critiqued it.

Paperback. Copyright 2021. Book 7 in The Journey Series.

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