A Hole in the Soul - iFollow Bible Study Guide

A Hole in the Soul - iFollow Bible Study Guide

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Imagine you could have everything you wanted in life—wealth, power, prestige, knowledge, and more.

Sounds pretty good, right? Now meet the wisest man on earth, King Solomon, who had all these things and more. But how did he regard his life’s pursuits? Meaningless. Vanity. Nonsense. A chasing after the wind. And he wasted his best years figuring this out.

This doesn’t have to describe us! Ecclesiastes was written for our benefit, to direct our focus toward the only One who can fill this hole in every soul.

Drawing from the author’s own personal “Solomon search,” along with years of professionally counseling others, this iFollow Bible Study Guide navigates through Ecclesiastes in a way that helps us apply Godly wisdom in our daily lives.

About the Author

Omar Miranda is editor of Insight magazine. He has an M.Ed. in community guidance and counseling, holds a certificate in Christian Counseling from the American Association of Christian Counselors, and is a Certified Christian Family Educator. In addition, Omar is a lay pastor and elder, and has written numerous books and articles. Omar lives in Plainville, Georgia with his wife, Renee, and their two children, Isabella and Jackson. He enjoys bird watching, writing, reading, and watching documentaries.

Paperback. 81 pages. Copyright 2015. Part of the series iFollow.

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