Ellen White and the Gift of Prophecy - iFollow Bible Study Guide

Ellen White and the Gift of Prophecy - iFollow Bible Study Guide

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Ellen White has been the most influential voice in the history of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, yet she has often been misunderstood by many, both inside and outside of Adventism.

Ellen White and the Gift of Prophecy aims at correcting that problem. Author Michael W. Campbell presents Ellen White as a lover of Jesus and a lover of Scripture. In doing so, he highlights the very center of her prophetic ministry.

The most important test of any prophet is whether they point people to Jesus and the Bible. Campbell helps us to see that, according to that test, Ellen White passes with flying colors. In six chapters, this book introduces Ellen White, her ministry, her writings, and her legacy. This Bible study also introduces readers to Ellen White as a warmhearted, real person. Ellen G. White and the Gift of Prophecy will help many to better understand this all-too-often overlooked and misunderstood Christian leader.

About the Author

Michael W. Campbell, Ph.D., is assistant professor of Historical/Theological Studies at the Adventist International Institute for Advanced Studies (AIIAS) in Silang, Cavite, Philippines. Prior to this he was a pastor in Colorado and Kansas for five years. He has published numerous articles in scholarly and denominational periodicals. He is married to Heidi Olson and they have two children, Emma and David.

Paperback. 75 pages. Copyright 2013. Part of the iFollow series.

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