What We Believe: Getting to Know Ellen White for Teens

What We Believe: Getting to Know Ellen White for Teens

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“OK, so what do you know about Ellen White?”

The question was fairly innocuous—a simple query about a historical person posed to a group of teenagers in a Bible class. I stood at the front of the room, ready to write their responses on the smart board. What followed was a torrent of wild answers that scarcely seemed to be about the same person, or any person for that matter.

To my great delight, the students rewarded me with a biographical sketch that belonged in a game of Mad Libs:

  • “She hated bread.”
  • “Cheese is poison.”
  • “Stopped breathing during visions.”
  • “She was a bazillion years old.”
  • “Wrote a lot of books.”
  • “Didn’t like black pepper.”
  • “Didn’t like tea.”
  • “She was hit by a rock.”

Seth Pierce does it again! In Ellen White for Teens, he takes a challenging topic and explores it with insight, wisdom, and humor—in a language that teens will understand. Topics include:

  • Did Ellen Ever Make Mistakes?
  • What’s the Difference Between Her Books and the Bible?
  • Are You Gonna Eat That?
  • Ellen and Us

Seth writes, “My prayer is that you will become a friend of Ellen’s. You may find her challenging, aggravating, beautiful, confusing, or inspiring—or all of these at the same time—but that’s true of anybody we have a close relationship with. Above all, I hope you hear a voice that will point you to Jesus. Her voice matters, and I hope you can begin to hear it in the pages of this book.”

Paperback. 288 Pages. Copyright 2015. 

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