What We Believe for Guide Readers

What We Believe for Guide Readers

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Ever heard a bull talk? 

It really happened and you'll read about it in this book!

What We Believe for Guide Readers has 28 true stories about modern-day Daniels and Esthers who lived what the Bible teaches. Through those stories and the accompanying Bible Studies, learn about the Adventist Church’s 28 fundamental beliefs. Get to know Jesus—and your Church—better than ever before!

Taken from the pages of Guide magazine, these stories answer such life-changing questions as

  • What if you don't fell that you're good enough to be saved?
  • Can you be hopeful when your loved one dies?
  • Should you save someone else's life if it means ending your own?
  • What if the government threatens your religious freedom?

Through these pages, readers will love getting to know their church and Jesus better than ever before.

Paperback. 144 pages. Copyright 2020.

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