The Christ of the Narrow Way

The Christ of the Narrow Way

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This book unites magnificent art with words and sacred history to make a powerful spiritual impact. Built around the White Estate’s heroic mural, “The Christ of the Narrow Way,” it focuses on Jesus Christ as the only source of salvation, and the center of Adventist thought and doctrine. The mural is on permanent display in the White Estate’s reception area in the world headquarters of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Silver Spring, Maryland.

The book pictures the mural as a whole, then displays each element alone, with a brief caption of explanation. Indirectly but persuasively it makes clear that through the Holy Scriptures and the continued presence of the divine Spirit, God guides His people, both individually and as a church. The goal of life as one walks the “narrow way” is to reach the Holy City, whose brilliance and beauty are suggested by the streams of glory at the far right of the mural.

Copyright 1993.

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