Who Was Ellen White

Who Was Ellen White

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One of the Unique Challenges in our church is to understand the ministry of Ellen White and how it should impact us as Adventists. This can especially be difficult for children if we want them to become lifelong Adventists with faith in the Bible and in our church's doctrines, then we must make sure they are well-grounded in what we believe. We must make sure that they learn to appreciate the blessing our church has received from the ministry of our prophet, Ellen White.

This book

  • is filled with stories from Ellen White's childhood to her retirement years;
  • helps children see her as a regular person who was given a special job by God;
  • shares the messages of her most important visions; and
  • builds faith in God's church and in His prophet.

Written by best-selling children's author Jerry D. Thomas, this book will help share your faith that God has been guiding our church since its beginning - and that He will continue to guide us into the future.

Copyright 2017. Paperback. 79 pages.

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