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Back to the Center

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Have you come to the point in your spiritual life where you realize you’re trying to live a complete life with an incomplete and unconnected collection of truths?

You may believe that Scripture contains God’s truth, but have not experienced God’s love as the source and center of that truth. In these 13 lessons you will encounter familiar truths, but through the lens of the cross. The purpose is to know the truth as it in Jesus (Ephesians 4:21). Many of us have inherited the applications of biblical principles without knowing the principles themselves. This can lead to involuntary legalism because you wind up doing something for no good reason. This isn’t God’s plan for us. In this resource we try to wrap our hearts and minds around what happened at the cross and try to understand the consequences of grace.

This is a starting point for those who desire a more “intentional” faith. Back to the Center will help you begin to recenter your heart and in mind the source of all true wisdom—the revelation of God’s love in the sacrifice of Jesus Christ for all sinners. God wants us to know we have eternal life when we are living by relying upon His love.

Paperback. 112 pages. Copyright 2011.

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