Adventist Single Adult Ministries: A Training Program for Local Churches

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While the percentage of single adults increases throughout the North American Division, most churches are still focused on marriage and families. As a result, they miss many opportunities to reach out to single adults, as well as to benefit from the abilities and resources single adults have to offer the church. Clearly, if the church is to meet the needs of all people effectively it must make sure to reach everyone.

How? By teaching church leaders how to organize and manage an effective ministry with single adults.

This curriculum, developed by Adventist Single Adult Ministries, includes ten modules written by single adult ministry educators. Each module can be used as a training event for local single adult ministry personnel.

The ten training modules include:

  • Biblical and Historical Perspectives on Singleness
  • Single Adults in the Family System
  • Human Growth and Development
  • Single Adults as Parents
  • Sexuality Education
  • Single Adults and Relationships
  • Effective Communication
  • Anger Management and Conflict Resolution
  • Effective Single Adult Ministries in the Local Church
  • Adventist Single Adults Sharing the Gospel

“We need to develop a mentality of acceptance, wholeness, and ministry to, for, and through this ever-increasing segment of society. It is time for the church to think new thoughts and to be bold and creative as it reaches out to an increasingly nonfamily community.” –Dennis Franck

Paperback. Copyright 2011. 176 pages.

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