Adventist Men's Ministries: A Training Program for Local Churches Book

Adventist Men's Ministries: A Training Program for Local Churches Book

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Why have men’s ministry? Men’s ministry is an intentional attempt to bring men to God so they can make their way to God’s eternal kingdom. Men’s ministry concentrates on the male to better define and minister to the specific needs of the gender. By highlighting the roles of men, men’s ministry can touch on and improve the lives of men in ways that no other ministry can.

This men’s ministries curriculum, developed by North American Division Men’s Ministries, includes ten modules written by men’s ministries professionals. Each 90-minute module can be used as a training event for local men’s ministries personnel.

The ten training modules include:

  • Biblical Foundations of Men’s Ministry
  • Effective Men’s Ministry in the Local Church
  • What Men Are Like and What They Need
  • A Man’s Connection to God
  • The Man of God as a Husband
  • The Man of God as a Father
  • The Man of God at Work
  • Men of God in Groups: Support and Accountability
  • The Man of God in Action: Disciple and Evangelist
  • Successful Men’s Ministry Events

The USB includes 10 PowerPoint presentations that outline each of the seminars. Each presentation provides the major points you will want to cover during the seminar in an easy-to-use progression.

Your men’s ministry can move the men of your church from the status quo to a new and exciting experience of God, one that they will welcome if you do it right. You can succeed by meeting them where they are, building a sense of community among them, and presenting them with interesting challenges.

Paperback and USB. Copyright 2012.

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