The Fullness of Faithfulness

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    Lori Bryan

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Amid the piles of bills, the bickering children, and the boiling pot on the stove, you may feel as though you do not have a moment to call your own. But even the bills and the children and the food are not truly your own. God lent you these responsibilities long ago with a specific future in mind. His faithfulness can provide when your strength is at its weakest. How then can you discover and implement God’s plan for your life?

Meet women who have asked the same question. How could Wanda know where God was leading after unexpected unemployment? How could Linda know God’s way to raise 250 teenage girls? How could April know God’s plan for her future when cancer threatened to end her life? How could these women keep giving to God when they simply felt like giving up?

In 20 inspirational testimonies The Fullness of Faithfulness shows how women can find God’s peace and leading in turbulent times. Are you willing to discover God’s plan for the life you thought was your own?

Paperback. 95 pages. Copyright 2013.

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