Life Smoothies - Dramatic Skits on Stewardship

Life Smoothies - Dramatic Skits on Stewardship

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Stewardship is like a fruit smoothie you create in your kitchen. You want to choose ingredients that are both delicious and healthy. And as a steward you want to choose the very best ingredients for your life smoothie, but sometimes the principles of stewardship get pushed aside and lost in the busy routine of daily life.

One way to discover and share the principles of stewardship is through the mini-dramas found in this book. Author Jeff Metherell has put stewardship concepts into practical illustrations that will equip people to make decisions about stewardship and apply those decisions to their lives. The visual impact of these vignettes—often humorous and interactive—will help us remember these important concepts.

These skits are designed to provide a dramatic punctuation to a variety of stewardship topics. They also accommodate a wide range of performance levels, from one-person monologues to more complex skits requiring several characters. They can be tailored to your church’s specific drama capabilities.

One thing is certain: each mini-drama illustrates a principle of stewardship in a new and creative way. This is an excellent resource for both youth and adults. It will promote giving and living for Jesus.

Learn how to add the right ingredients to your smoothie by following God’s plan—and God’s recipe is always the best!

Paperback. 38 pages. Copyright 2013.

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